An Update: You Are a Badass

So my plan was to have this book done by the early part of this week. But… that didn’t happen. Mainly because after I finished Don’t You Cry, I couldn’t really bring myself to start reading a boring self-help book. I mean… C’mon. That sounded awful.

Well, jokes on me. Because I started reading You Are a Badass this week and it’s AWESOME. But, I think it’s going to take me a hot minute to get through it because I ended up busting out the highlighter. Because hot damn. There are some insightful nuggets in this bad boy.

All of this to say… I’m not done with You Are a Badass yet. But I will let you know when I am. And I’m sure I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops, if these first few chapters are any indication.

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