To Read: July Edition

It’s officially summertime here in Chicago. The days are long and the heat is up and I’m going to be filling my July with fun, easy beach reads. I’ve never lived this close to a beach before (hey Lake Michigan!), so I’m excited to pack up some snacks, a mini bottle of wine (shhh) and a good book and spend a few hours each week lounging in the sun. If I’m being honest, I’ll read the majority of these on my iPad because 1) my bookshelves are stuffed to the gills and I’m being threatened with divorce if I try to cram any more in them and 2) e-checking out library books is MUCH more convenient than actually trudging all the way to the library. Plus, it’s a little bit like Christmas when you wake up to an email that one of your “On-Hold” books is ready for download! However you plan on reading your books this summer, make sure you check out (or buy or borrow) these four titles.

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Technology’s Effect on Newspaper Publishing

CustomNEWS, Inc. was founded in 1977 under the direction of publisher Ross Heller. The company was founded to serve the niche market of meeting-industry trade show and convention attendees, a market that was missing a consolidated source of industry-specific news and updates. The company’s main publication, USAE, is a newspaper that addresses that hole in the market and focuses on the industry changes that affect meeting planners and association executives in their search to plan the perfect convention. The now-weekly newspaper provides meeting planners and convention sales managers with updates on hotel and venue openings and closings, personnel movement within the industry and any current, relevant industry news.

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about me

Hi y’all! I’m Angela. I’m a graduate of LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication as well as of George Washington University’s Master’s of Publishing program with an overwhelming love for books and everything that goes into making them.

In high school, I was introduced to Gertrude Stein and that was the moment that I decided that I wanted to pursue publishing as a career. I lost sight of that as the pressure of college approached and commenced, but was reminded after graduation as I began to read for pleasure again. I could, and still can, lose myself in a novel for hours at a time, interrupted only by my boyfriend’s football cheering and my cat’s meowing. I want to help others get lost in a fictional (or non-fictional) world, even for only a few hours.

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