To Read: January Edition

Hey guys! Finally back on the bandwagon! After a shamingly long time (and one forgotten password later), we are back to rocking and rolling! This month (or really these last two weeks of the month), I’m finally hoping to tackle two books that I’ve had on my library Holds list since before Christmas. And the weather is looking promisingly awful this weekend, so I’m hoping for lots of cozy couch time. And lots of reading snacks. Because those are sometimes definitely the best part. Happy reading, folks!

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica: I’ve been on a massive mystery kick lately, so I’m excited to dive into this thriller about a girl who goes missing and the family secrets that begin to emerge in her absence. It looks dark and twisted and right up my alley.

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett: In a stark contrast to the grisly murder mysteries I’ve been enthralled with over the past few months, this crazy convoluted story of two families forced to merge and mingle after a fateful christening party promises to be both hilarious and heartbreaking.

Until next time!

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