Around the Internet

Check out these five great stories from around the web.

  1. The Obamas are each writing a memoir and, judging by their post-presidential vacation photos, are going to have a lot of fun doing it.
  2. The war between novels vs. short stories is still raging (maybe a bit of an exaggeration?). But this list of interconnected short story collections showcases 10 story packages that help to bridge the gap between the Novel Greasers and the Short Story Socs.
  3. A glimpse into how (what might be) the most fashionable bookseller on the planet started selling books of their own. Dream big, kids.
  4. If you’re ever at a loss for what to read next, make sure you check out The Skimm’s Pinterest page, Skimm Reads. We go to them for our news, so why not for our books, too?
  5. HarperCollins has added a book recommendation AI interface to two of their Facebook pages. Just send them a message with some books you liked in the past and they’ll recommend new titles for you. Technology, FTW.

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