Around the Internet

Check out these five great stories from around the web.

  1. This is a piece about the release of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s book Hamilton: The Revolution and I think the headline of this article captures the essence of the cultural phenomenon perfectly: “‘Hamilton’ Stopped Me From Throwing Away My Shot.
  2. An interesting look at the emerging world of micro-publishers through the eyes of a micro-publisher. Now welcoming: niche audiences.
  3. While LinkedIn might not be a traditional publisher, that doesn’t mean that it’s not publishing. Times are a-changing in the publishing landscape, so you better keep up.
  4. The fascinating, beautiful and frankly unbelievable story of the newly discovered fairy tale penned by none other than Mark Twain himself. And the accompanying illustrations aren’t half bad themselves.
  5. While Twitter is currently trying to decide what Twitter actually is, the woman behind Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account is tweeting  pure magic.

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