To Read: February Edition

We’re in the throes of winter up here in Chicago. The days are getting longer, but they’re not long yet. You can still see a sliver of sunshine when you leave the office, but night will have fallen before your bus completes the 20-minute journey home. The sun manages to peek through the clouds some days, but the snow still has a mind of its own. (I love the snow though, so I won’t complain about that one.) You’ve worn out your entire collection of sweaters, but you can’t fathom walking outside with any sliver of skin exposed. Despite all of the less than glamorous aspects of the late-January (almost-February) Chicago winter, there’s nothing better than hanging around the house in your not-for-public-viewing (aka kind of grungy) grandma sweats with a book in hand and the snow making a scene outside the window. And maybe some hot chocolate with the tiny marshmallows. Because the tiny marshmallows are the best.

For February, I’ve got a few more books from my long-term Holds lists in my queue and I’m excited to finally get to dive into these beauties. So grab your own book and mug of hot chocolate and let’s get to this. Happy reading, folks!

The Dollhouse: This is one of the “days of yore” novels that I love to dive into–getting lost in the golden days when life was a little slower and fashion was a little fancier. This is a two-part story about a young girl’s life in an NYC hotel in 1952 and a current-day reporter trying to uncover just what happened inside those walls so many years ago. Mystery, intrigue and a little bit of glamour? I’m sold!

Don’t You Cry: I placed a hold on this thriller the minute I finished Mary Kubica’s second novel, The Good Girl. This is a story of a young woman vanished, a young man crushing and a best friend left wondering. If it’s anything like The Good Girl, I know I’m in for quite a treat.

You Are a Badass: Because sometimes you just need to be reminded that you are, indeed, a badass. This one was recommended to me by a friend who just finished it (and subsequently landed quite the dream job). I ponied up and bought it (shocking, I know!) so I can notate the heck out of it and be the best badass I can be.

That’s all for this month, folks. Until next time!

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