True Crime Podcasts, FTW

I know I might have mentioned this around here once or twice (cough-twenty-times-cough), but I absolutely love a good murder mystery. A little suspense, a little action, a little “what the f***?!”… Who could resist? And, it turns out, I love true crime sagas just as much as the make believe ones. Specifically… True crime podcasts. Yes. Please.

Of course my first true crime podcast was Serial, because whose wasn’t? It was magic. And after Serial ended, there was a huge true crime void in my daily commute. So I searched for a new podcast to get me to and from work everyday and I came across You Must Remember This, which was in the middle of their season chronicling Charles Manson’s Hollywood. Let me tell you — it was fantastic.

Fast forward to today and I’ve got a potentially embarrassing number of unplayed true crime podcast episodes on my phone to get me through these brutal Chicago rush hours. But I wanted to give y’all a rundown of my three favorites because everyone needs a new-to-them podcast waiting in the wings. These should be yours.

  • Last Podcast on the Left – This one is rude and crude and crass and I have to say that it’s my favorite. Henry, Marcus and Ben take on serial killers and other gory and gruesome topics (though I usually skip over the alien episodes). It took me quite a few episodes to get accustomed to their humor and their wild tangents, but now I wait (rather impatiently) for them to release their new episode each week. 

Favorites: Jack the Ripper, The Menendez Brothers, Manifestos, Serial Killers and the Women Who Love Them

  • Sword and Scale – This podcast covers high profile trials, unsolved murders, missing person cases and other true crime stories. I found this one mid-fall last year, listened to the podcast’s very first episode, got sucked in and decided to continue going through the podcast in sequential order. Which means that the episode I’m currently listening to is from November 2014, but it’s fun to go back and re-visit news stories that I’ve forgotten about. Mike uses actual audio from 911 calls and Dr. Phil interviews and whatever he can get his hands on and it makes for quite the storytelling experience. 

Favorites: HH Holmes, Jessica Ridgeway murder, Morgan Ingram mystery

  • Stranglers – The Last Podcast on the Left series about the Boston Strangler was one of my first post-Serial episodes and so when I saw this podcast based solely on the Strangler, I was intrigued. Portland Heimlich’s podcast (how great is her name?!) is a documentary-style one about the Strangler’s victims and the search for the serial killer–or killers. Portland interviews actual people with first-hand knowledge about the case and dives DEEP into the recesses of the information the police collected way back when. It’s a fantastic re-investigation of one of history’s more mind-boggling serial killer cases.

So go put your listening ears on, y’all. And get a newfound love for that rush-hour traffic.

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