Around the Internet

Check out these five great stories from around the web.

  1. We’re always looking for something new to read. Or is that just me? Let these five apps make narrowing down on the perfect selection that much easier. But it still probably won’t be easy.
  2. SO. HUGE NEWS. Hollywood’s Best Man, the one and only Tom Hanks, is publishing a collection of short stories (due in October) that I have no doubt will be as life-changing as Philadelphia. Or The Terminal. Yes, Tom. Yes.
  3. Diversity is a hot topic these days–and rightfully so. Check out these seven articles about diversity in the publishing industry and take some time learn a little bit more about your neighbor, won’t you?
  4. This company is combining AR and VR with children’s books at the results look AWESOME. Kids these days, huh?
  5. Take a look at this take about where books are headed next. Because the world is a-changing and bookworms worldwide have to keep up or risk being left in the dust.

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